Sanitary measures

In order to guarantee everyone's safety, and to enjoy serenely :

There is no obligation to purchase your tickets online before your visit. You can either buy your tickets online or pay the entrance fee directly at reception.


We favor contactless payments by credit card.


Wearing a mask is recommended at the park reception and snacking area.


More than 10 hydroalcoholic gel distribution points are installed in the park.


The (possible) queues for attractions and points of sale have been modulated and lengthened to ensure physical distancing thanks to markings on the ground.


The attractions (and all tables, toilets, etc.) used by visitors are cleaned regularly during the day by our teams.


Picnic tables are spaced to ensure physical distancing.


All of our staff are equipped with individual protections (protective visor, mask, hydroalcoholic gel, etc.).


We limit flows (entrances and exits to reach the vehicle) to one or two people per group.


Some significant advantages!

  • small family park: no gauge in terms of welcoming people
  • outdoor park that stretches over 10 wooded hectares: physical distancing respected
  • very few queues at attractions, no determined / imposed route
  • the cleanliness of the park is one of our priorities!


Respect for barrier gestures is everyone’s business!