Select your challenge

Course of activities for discovery

  • Have a look at the map at the entrance
  • Choose the first two activities
  • If you have any energy left, discover all the other activities
  • Don’t forget the picnic break in the shade or sheltered under the pergolas.
  • Take your time, your ticket is valid throughout the day.

Course of activities for the family

  • Organize a human table football competition
  • Then a « Rack your brains » challenge with the strategy games under the Abridélire
  • Test your balance on the tree top trails
  • Take a Picnic break in the shade or under the shelter
  • Start again for a big race on the fun bikes or go-karts
  • Why not facing your parents in a joust battle ?
  • Who will be the winner at the shooting bungee ?
  • To cool down you could finish with the water jets or if the weather is gloomy, get up to the mezzanine for a cannon balls battle.

And if there’s time left, there are still the trampolines and the bouncy games…

Course of early-learning activities for toddlers

The 3 to 5 can try all activities under your supervision but we also have 4 areas specifically designed and reserved for the youngest so they can have fun :

  • Under the Abridélire : the foam rubber space
  • In the outdoor area : 2 inflatable games : the flower basket and the giraffe
  • In the Délires wooded area, a special trail under the trees for young children

The stroller's trail

Recommended for adults and parents in charge

Stroll around the park, stop on the way to feed the nanny goats, enjoy the shade of the trees to relax or surf the web – Wi-fi access on all grounds – , take a break at the snack-bar for a soda, a coffee or something to eat… and also do nothing whilst keeping an eye on the children unwinding.

Course of activities for the quiet

  • Strategy games
  • Building games
  • Tree trails
  • Mini golf
  • Aquadélire

Course of activities for the fearless

Play who will be….

  • The fastest >>> the go karts
  • The strongest >>> the shooting bungee
  • The most supple >>> the trampolines
  • The best climber >>> the tree top trails
  • The most accurate >>> the cannon balls
  • The best builder >>> the giant building bricks
  • The trickiest >>> the strategy games
  • The most adventurous >>> the zip line

Don’t forget to cool off (picnic, cold drinks) and to play who will be…

the most dead tired !!!!!!!!!!