Activités plein air du Parc de loisirs Le p'tit Délire

The outdoor games

Le Délitubing

Come and test a descent sitting in a buoy, it’s really very funny ! As there are 3 tracks, it will be a moment of sharing between parents and children,… and of competition. Who will arrive first ?

The Pentadélire

New 2015 attraction

3,2,1, let’s slide !

Coming up for the 2015 season, Le Ptit Délire will offer its visitors a new fun activity for all ages : the Pentadélire, a type of Pentagliss giant slide especially designed to experience new thrills to share between the whole family.

Alltogether, dash down the breathtaking slopes of the Pentadélire, a giant multi- tracks slide of 8 metres high. It gets faster as you slide over the bumps.

Its 4 tracks allows to slide down together, parents with children or between friends.

You slide down into a linen bag and bump after bump, you become hilarious !

Everyone’s ready ? Here we go for a big time of giggles and fun !

The Aquadélire, the water park

Le P’tit Délire invites you to discover its unique space in South Brittany: Its water park with two universes!

In addition to the games on the aquatic platform: the Aquadélire, we also offer you: the Slidélire. Two giant slides, one with a buoy descent and the other solo. Speed ​​and sensation guaranteed!

The Aquadélire is a water game made up of a playful aquatic platform, unique in the region. We can see his giant Scorpion from afar and as we approach it, we discover a whole wonderful aquatic garden … filled with flowers, extravagant and mischievous animals :

* flowers sprinkle,
* a giant scorpion sprinkles everyone
* a blue seahorse watches a yellow hippo take a bath
* a dragon spits water.
* flower pots filled with water spill on their heads !!!

The entire water park, the Aquadélire and the Slidélire are not open in the spring. They are put into service from mid-June until the end of the season, depending on weather conditions and / or crowds. (water park closed 1 hour before the park closes).

The trampolines

Big time on the trampolines!  The coco jump, the trampo basket, the round trampolines and a whole set of others.

Laughs and thrills guaranteed for younger and older ones in total safety.



15 inflatable games await for young and older ones to enjoy great moments of fun and craze ! Just a second before rushing : don’t forget to take off your shoes.

  • It’s non-stop giggling when you try climbing the Soft Mountain
  • Practise making others falling backwards with the Jousts
  • Great family laughing party playing Human Table Football
  • You’ll obviously rock on the Rocking Horse but also on the Bull
  • The Shooting bungee seems easy but you’ll go backwards instead of forward !
  • On the Coco-Jump, it’s a matter of being synchronic and bounce together. Hop !
  • Enjoy getting lost into the Labyrinth !
  • The Giraffe, the highest inflatable game is specially designed and reserved for toddlers, accompanied by their parents. Next to it, there is also the Flower Basket where they can play in a quiet and safe environment.

The go-karts

Ready, set, here we go for 1 tour, 2 tours… one can’t stop pedalling.

Go-karts for every age are for sure, a never-ending source of amusement

Beware of racing ! Thanks for controlling your speed and paying attention to other participants. You’ll have as much fun taking it easy !

The Fitness trail

Breath in, breath out, breath in, breath out…

Between two sets of laughter and giggles, what’s best than a fitness session in the middle of nature !

Take advantage of your day at Le P’tit Délire fun park to practise some gentle fitness exercises, thanks to the equipment at your disposal in the « open air fitness » area at the heart of the park, right to the Pentadélire.

This is a full fitness course where you can workout the different parts of the body, practise cardio training, stretching and balance exercises.

The user-friendly fitness machines reproduce the efforts of walking, cross-country skiing, rowing and cycling to help you keeping fit.

Follow the instructions on the billboards to make the right gestures and achieve the best results.


Reserved for the little ones, this Kidélire area will give Bout’choux the opportunity to test their ability to climb, swing, balance. Each colorful game represents animals, the sun … which also allows you to play with words, recognizing the shapes of each game.


At P’tit Délire, you can also fly! The Hélicodélire, 60 m long circuit with 5 helicopters. You make your helicopter move forward by pedaling and you take to the skies… Fun to share with your brother or your sister. Adults can accompany the youngest for the first flight!