Jeux couverts du Parc de loisirs Le p'tit Délire

Indoor activities

Indoor playground

Special grey smiling day

The Abridelire, a 600m² building offers a wide choice of fun games and strategy games for young and older ones when the weather is changeable. And on sunny days, it offers a lot more… in the shade.

The Abridélire indoor playground is a true Aladdin’s cave ! You’ll find it left to the entrance of the P’tit Delire fun park in Ploemel, near Carnac, Morbihan, South Brittany.

The whole playground is available to children and their parents who can keep an eye on them and also take part !

Everything you need to have a blast, slip through, climb, have a good laugh… !!!

Ground floor : 5 activities

The field of games

This area alone offers more than 15 activities suitable for kids and grown ups : knotted rope, turnstile, climbing nets, slide… a wealth of tips and tricks to go round, roll, climb, slide down, go back up…Don’t loose your head !

The bouncy castle

It’s a huge inflatable castle,15 metres long where you can achieve the knight’s course and who knows, save the princess !

Games of strategy

Cool off in the « Rack one’s brains / ça déméninge » area !

Are you tricky, a skilled strategist or do you bet on your fantastic memory ?

These 9 strategy games will allow you to test the scope of your intellectual capacities. Choose well your opponents, brothers or sisters, cousins, and why not challenge your parents or grand parents who’ll enjoy taking part.

Beware of being quick and concentrated.

Who will have the more memory or reflexes ? Who will be the fastest or the more astute ?

May the best one win !!!

The adults' square

There, you’ll find tables and seats for the comfort of the accompanying adults while waiting and keeping an eye on the children in a cosy setting.

The tower to climb

To reach the activities on the second floor – the Arena and its cannon balls, the giant bricks space -, you have to climb the tower from inside using the net or from outside climbing the slope. Your parents can come with you.

On the mezzanine

Landing on the mezzanine floor, you can choose between 2 very different spaces :

  • The arena and its cannon balls where you have to be both skilful to aim at the opposite team and quick to avoid the projectiles.
  • The games of giant bricks to build the castle or the house of your dreams !

Your parents are welcome to join in…

The arena and its cannon balls

Up on the mezzanine, the area contains 2 sets of cannon balls and is an ideal playground to learn how to score a hit, shooting through high up fixed circles facing directly the enemy on the opposite side. Quickness and accuracy are key to hit your opponent and avoid the projectiles from the enemy.

The giant bricks area

Do you feel like a builder ?

With these colourful giant bricks, you’ll be able within minutes to build the castle or the house of your dreams.